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who helped the victim. >> ama: a fishing trip gone horribly wrong. three people sweapt in waters and a father and son are dead. we're learning more about juan escamillo rojas, and his father, who died yesterday afternoon. tomas roman spoke with family men's a short time ago. tomas? >> it's a very taj jig -- trajectoryic store. they were last seen trying to reach shore by a friend who joined them on a friday fishing trip. the friend told us how he struggled to try to save them as they tried to reach shore in the frigid waters. the family has gathered to grieve and say a rosary for juan and his son, one -- juan carlos.
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he describes it in his native spanish how juan screamed out, my son, my son, and dove into the water to save the boy. he told us how giant wave after wave washed over him and tried to find a way to save him. he tried a fishing rod and line which he managed to get to the pair. the line snapped. he had no other choice, ran up the hill to call 9-1-1. the rescue boat plucked the pair from the water. the gray blanket is covering the bodies of the father and son who died of drowning. sister age couldn't blend what happened. >> they went fishing and the big wave come and take them. it's horrible. reporter: she says the family
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recently lost all they had in a fire in a house fire. the family was trying to raise enough money to bury father and son anywhere native mexico city. there's been a bank account sent up at a wells fargo bank to try to help the family bury the father and son in mexico city. if you go to, and click "see it on tv", you can see the link, and perhaps if you want to donate to the family, you can there. reporting live in san francisco, abc-7 news. >> ama: heavy winds created strong waves and a busy day for first responders in san francisco. they were called out to more than two dozen incidents in the way, all which were false alarms. the big waves were good to surfers and the coast guard. they used the swells to run training and rescue drills. the waves did cause problem for people trying to catch fish or crab. >> we weren't able to the crab nets got tangled up and we had to leave.
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>> the waves are expected to calm down tomorrow. >> pg&e crews are working to restore service to people in danville where a huge tree fell and damaged powerline. 1800 results were effected but only 50 customers are currently without power. a three-alarm fire rips through self apartments in the mission district this morning. nick smith is live at 23rd and capp street. and even the there were no serious injuries we understand as many as three dozen families are out of their homes. reporter: absolutely. and for many of those family this is all that remains, pile of burned wood and forward. the fire start on the lower level of the building and spread quickly. more than 140 emergency personnel moved to put out this fire, get it under control, and minimize the damage. heavy, dark smoke, swallowed this residential unit in the mission district.
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>> i came out and saw smoke. >> from his cell phone, he caught the early stages of the structure fire that damaged five buildings and forced evacuation of at least a dozen homes. the cold and confused people who live here forced to the streets with only the things they could hold. >> got through quick. they go up quick, jump from building to building. >> that is one of the ropes firefighters chose to attack the fire with so much manpower. more than 140 emergency personnel respond. >> fires like that could have easily gone to fifth alarm. did a good job getting to it quickly. >> the firefighter seen here is entering the second floor. flames only feet away. the orange, black and red edges, reaching into the air and moving quickly. aided by the cross proximate prf the victorians. >> early indicators suggest the fire may have started in the rear but officials say they're still in the early stages of the investigation. one firefighter was taken by
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stretcher to the hospital with symptoms related to dehydration and complaints of shoulder pain. insure burned and water-logged wood is piled at this doorstep, prevent anyone from entering the place that, until today, at least six different families called home. >> we understand that there were working smoke detectors that helped to alert the families to evacuate the building, and as a footnote, we learned that sfspca, as they often do, they are providing two weeks of boarding for the pets that have been displaced. so far they collected four cats two puppies, one bowl of goldfish and a chicken. in san francisco, nick smith, abc-7 news. >> ama: they're good about those things. two people are under arrest after a party got out of control at a hotel. at the intercontinental san francisco hotel ballroom. police were called when fights broke out at the party for 800 high school age teens.
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police escorted the teens out of the hotel. a series of small earthquakes shook the bay area, from 2:30 to 2:45 and were relatively small. the epicenter was near pacifica and montara. the largest was 2.8, the smallest, 2.6. still to come on abc-7 news at 6:00, a deadly plane crash in moscow. what led up to the plane ca -- careening off the runway. >> an least in the latest subway death. the fight against the growing crime tonight in
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>> a plane careened off the runway in moscow on landing, killing at least four people. there were eight people onboard the plane when it rolled off the runway and plowed into a field and fell apart. the plane's engine failed to go into reverse in landing. >> new york city police have a suspect in custody of the death of a man who was shoved in front of a speeding subway train.
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an nypd spokesperson says police interviewed a woman and she made statements implicating herself. >> two people are being treated for serious injuries after a crash caused by broken glass. chp says a truck dropped a large load of glass causing the accident at 6:00 this morning. one car skidded off the road with damaged tires before the second car slammed into the first. one driver suffered major injuries. just ahead. taking a stand against crime in oakland. plus, how one group is honoring one of the youngest victims of violence in oakland last year. >> a sunny saturday, but what's ahead? the forecast is next. >> rick: i'm rick quan. sports is next. and a much-anticipated showdown between stanford and connecticut, proves to
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>> a west oakland bike shop is honoring the memory of a child shot three years ago, bikes for
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life organized the rally to discuss violence prevention. community leaders spoke in support of youth programs and the group gave away bicycles. >> we want to bring more unity back to the community, and this is the way we start, with the kids. often they're overlooked. so when all this big money is being spent and decisions about the neighborhood, often it's the youth that's overlooked. >> ama: this is the third year of the bikes for life giveaway, supported by corporate sponsorship. >> in oakland, members of soldiers against violence everywhere, also known as s.a.v.e., demonstrated for action against all violence. organizes met at the corner of 29th avenue and international boulevard. the grassroots operation is calling on city officials to make public safety a priority. >> preparations are underway for the 124th annual rose parade. volunteers are getting the
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impressive floats parade ready. this year's theme is "oh, the places you'll go." the parade features the valley christian high school band from san jose. you can watch the parade new year's morning at 8:00 right here on abc-7 news. leigh glaser is off today but lisa argen. it's been really cold. >> lisa: temperatures taking a tumble. we'll see fog in the north and east bay valleys. this is from the emeryville camera. temperatures this morning, chilly with the rain. tomorrow morning and monday morning, we could see some frost, and we're not done, with the possibility of high elevation snow. here's a look at live doppler 7hd. we do have some rain from southern california and also the snow in the mountains. so, this is the same system that dropped parallel to the coast yesterday, and brought most of
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the reason to the south bay and the higher elevations. right now, it's getting cold out there. napa, 42. 51 in oakland. your high was 5. 50 in san francisco. more 40s to the north. livermore, cool at 44. so partly cloudy to clear skies tomorrow, chance of showers late mainly in the south bay. along the monterey coast, and then for monday, new year's eve, we'll start out with sunny skies, increasing clouds throughout the afternoon, and then a better chance of showers towards the evening hours on the peninsula. here's a look at the rainfall totals. notice in the north bay, barely a tenth in santa rosa, a little over that at the civic center in san rafael. oakland, .09. san francisco, a quarter inch, redwood city, third, and certainly a cold rain and most of the activity was well south. we picked up a couple of inches,
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a dusting of snow in the santa cruz mountains. tonight, high surf advisory with the northwesterly swell. anywhere from 10 to 14 feet. so be careful out there. overnight tonight, look at the 20s. 29 in antioch and fairfield. upper 20s in cloverdale. 30 in santa rosa, 39 in oakland, with mid-30s in san jose, and just 32 in morgan hill and santa cruz. so we'll do that again monday morning, here's a look at what took place earlier today. we are looking at this system to the north of us that will once again take about that same track, one overnight sunday night, and then this one looks like a better possibility of rain. take a look here. 9:00, new year's eve. on the peninsula, santa cruz mountains, possibility of high elevation snow. 2500 feet to 3,000 feet is where we could see some of that snow. my temperatures tomorrow, underneath a clear sky in the north, we'll look for 28 in tahoe.
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chilly. 54 in fresno. back home, temperatures in the low 50s, with 52 in oakland, half moon bay. sunny skies for most, but in the afternoon we'll see the increasing clouds along the central coast. 53 in monterey, chance of showers late and the accuweather seven-day forecast calls for new year's eve, maybe a passing shower, sunny and a little warmer. tuesday, wednesday, and then looks like warmer weather, but a chance of rain thursday, friday, and next weekend. >> ama: shu is off. rick quan is in. >> rick: like the weather, stanford women not so hot today. the stanford women's basketball team had not lost at home since march of 2007. today that streak was on the line against connecticut. the last time the huskies were here, the cardinals ended their win streak so uconn is looking for payback. the shot and the foul. the huskies took control early
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thanks to this defense. it was 31-13 at the half. chiney ogwumike made just six of her 22 shots. this one is blocked. stanford shot just 19% from the field. kaleena had a huge game, leading all scorers with 19. uconn routes stanford. >> in men's basketball, santa clara had a chance to upset duke. the blue devils had not lost to a nonconference opponent at home since 2000. at always, the cameron crazies in force. the broncos were not swim tate. foster pops the three. the sweet pass to foster, who slams down two of his team-high 29. but duke rallied behind steph temperaturey's younger brother, seth. he made four shorts and -- shots and the blue devils win with a
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90-77 victory. santa clara falls to 11- >> now to football. stanford will try to cap an 11-2 season with a win over-week-in the rose bowl. the badgers are just 8-5, but three of the losses came in overtime. this is the third straight year they've been to the rose bowl. they lost the previous two. the last one to oregon. wisconsin is hoping the third time bill be the charm, but snaferred -- stanford is still the favorite. >> we don't anything but running the ball and defense. whatever people say about point spreads, don't matter. just about every game we'd played comes down to the last possession. so we know it's going to be a heck of a game. >> rick: abc-7 sports anchor mike shumann will be in pasadena to cover the rose bowl. >> last week, arizona state running back marion greiss lost this brother after he was shot
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and killed over a pair of air jordans. despite the loss, griss took the floor in the game against navy. the devils led 21-0 after the first quarter. kelly through four touchdowns, three to ross. it was 34-7 at the half. san jose native, cameron marshal, strong day, carrying the ball. he scored twice as the sun devils sink navy, 52-28. >> it's great. this is my last game, college game, and i went out with a bang, and on top of that i'm at home. i feel real good right now. >> come back here, happy,, to get the win in hi home town. it's been a blast. >> syracuse and west virginia
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met in the pinstripe bowl. gulley rushed for 215 yards. syracuse breaks it wide open with 23 third-quarter points. gully scores again. 38-14 was the final. the orange had 376 yards rushing. like playing in the snow oring? >> ama: great weather for the kraft fight hunger bowl, and one of the organizers said that brings in more than $130 million for the city over its hoyt. >> rick: great game for a great cause. and a very inseparational store with marion griiss rung for his brother. >> ama: still to come, it's going to be a very happy new year for one south san francisco
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>> ama: join me tonight at 9:00 on cable 13. we'll look at what is helping tiger populations rebound in asia. then at 11:00, thieves targeting victims through their friends. what you need to look out for to avoid getting scammed, at 9:00 and 11:00.
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>> a south san francisco retiree is now $23 million richer. he bought the ticket at the sunshine center pharmacy in south san francisco before christmas. didn't discover he won until this week when a friend reminded him to check his tickets. he hasn't decided what to do with the money. the sunshine gets $150,000 for selling the ticket. >> as 2012 comes a close you can look back at the top seven news stories and videos and photos at and a check check on the weather. >> frost tomorrow so bundle up tonight. going to be awfully chilly. 40 busy -- 40s by the water. and then we'll do it again for new year's eve. we start out sunny, increasing clouds and showers late. but dry for the first day of
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2013, and looks nice for the day after. >> that's it for us at 6:00. i'm ama daetz. thank you for joining us. join us tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. a reminder if you have a smartphone or tablet, the abc-7 news app is available as a free download and get our alarm clock app for. have a great evening. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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